– Music Video Maker with Effects For Android – Music Video Maker with Effects For Android

Producer of the best HD native HD music videos and slideshow with stylish templates, pop music, awesome transition effects and video effects.


– offers a number of templates with excellent transition effects, and it is constantly updated.

– Each transition follows the correct rhythm of the music and sets your video apart.

– Dozens of high quality genuine music genius music can meet the needs of different users.

– Share your creative videos on Facebook, Instagram and other SNS Share anytime anywhere.

Music video and effect maker
– offers a high quality editing process.
– Large effect MV models + number of transitions.
– A special transition to a particular musical rhythm.
– Create slideshows with unlimited combinations of video clips.
– film native filmmaker tool is easy to use and does not require cropping application. – Music Video Maker with Effects For Android

Attach photos to video
– Combine multiple photos into one music video without quality.
– Producer of music genius music video for YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Add music to a video
– is a video and photo maker with various background music.
– Find background music that best suits your needs when creating photo videos.

– Add music to videos, combine photos with music, and edit video clips and photos.
– Add music to the video with the Video Editor app with music.
– Composer music video maker with effects and video editing applications

Slideshow maker
– Slideshow maker, combine photos with music to create slideshow.
– Mix photos and videos and add custom photo covers to your videos. – Music Video Maker with Effects For Android

Save the video to the album
– provides quality without losing 720p HD exports.
– Export seconds or videos to your phone every second.
– Create music videos based on photos and songs using a free and easy-to-use video maker.
– Turn your photos and videos into stunning videos with music and transition effects!
– Advanced video editing with advanced effects, modern music video maker and video editing application.

Easy video sharing
– Custom video export resolution, professional high definition (720p) video editing software and professional filmmaker.
– Best Video Editing Program, Contemporary Music Video Producer, Video Editing App with Best Effects and Conversion Effects.
– Share music videos on all social apps like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. is a powerful HD music video producer and video editor, with photo slideshow presentation along with music. As a music-generated music video maker, it’s great to be able to turn your photos and videos into compelling music clips and transition effects! – Music Video Maker with Effects For Android lets you easily add music to videos, combine photos with music, add video clips and edit photos Transition effects make your video unique. is a slideshow slideshow and full screen music engine.

You can edit music videos and photos with one click, create music videos, export music videos in HD quality, share music videos on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, or edit music videos and photos with one click. .

Vika is an easy to use video editing application With Vica Video Template, you can create amazing videos in minutes.

Wika offers high definition and stylish video templates, including filters, effects, and musical beats with excellent transition effects. – Music Video Maker with Effects For Android

Vika is a good choice for newcomers to video editing who want to see performance, VCR and other features Wika constantly updates video templates


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