FMWhatsApp For Android | Free Download Apk

FMWhatsApp For Android | Free Download Apk

FMWhatsApp is now the most talked about mobile app. It is better than Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Millions of users rely on it for various tasks. Users can exchange text messages, videos, photos, music and many more things. You can also download and use various apps, which are made by FMWhatsApp developers. This app is absolutely free from any charges.

FMWhatsApp APK Download

Fmwhatsapp apk feature: If you have installed this app in your device, you will get different features. You can use this app to share your pictures and videos and you can even send and receive messages from your friends. So, folks, enjoy the new feature.

FMWhatsApp For Android | Free Download Apk

App Review: FMWhatsApp has a lot of exciting new features that attract a lot of users. One of the latest and amazing feature is its ability to edit final words. This mod is exclusive to fmwhatsapp. Its incredible versatility and usefulness make it one of the top recommended apps.

This mod allows you to add a lot of personal customization. You can change the color theme, choose the style according to your preference and get rid of all the spam. You can use this to customize your page completely. There are also advanced features like blacklisting, shadowbanner and much more. Thus, you can enjoy the ultimate features of this original version.

You can easily install the mod and start enjoying the benefits. FMWhatsApp allows you to perform two functions at a time. While one is performing all the tasks of internet marketing you can also access your MySpace account. You can contact your friends and share your music and videos. Thus, you can easily transform your mobile into a social networking platform.

FMWhatsApp For Android | Free Download Apk

The second function of this amazing mod is providing you with a lot of options for themes and screen savers. You can change the themes according to your preference. You can also choose various screen savers that will help you in your tasks. Thus, you can always remain updated and have a great time using your favorite fmwhatsapp apk.

It has amazing features like allowing you to share your own photo gallery. It lets you post your images anywhere on the internet. You can share it on your Facebook page, Twitter, MySpace, email etc. Thus, this wonderful app gives you the freedom to explore different ways of sharing pictures. The beautiful and unique gallery design of FMWhatsApp will enable you to post numerous pictures. You can browse through the gallery by categories and tags.

The third important feature of the FMWhatsApp apk download is offering you the privacy and safety of unlimited downloads. You don’t have to worry about getting pop ups any more, as you are always safe with the privacy policy and the complete terms and conditions stated at the bottom of every page. Thus, you are sure that you are downloading the safest and most reliable mod in the market today.

FMWhatsApp For Android | Free Download Apk

Another feature of this wonderful mod is its unique feature of allowing only one person to log onto your account. With the permission of the parent, you can invite your friends and family to download the amazing feature of FMWhatsApp. You can invite them one at a time and choose the permissions you want them to be added to your account. You can even change the permissions after you upload a picture or post an image on your social profile. This feature further adds security to your account and ensures that you give the right password to every user that is added to your list.

The fourth feature of this amazing mod is called the call filter feature. With this feature, you are allowed only to make calls when you are the only one available on the number. Thus, you can avoid those prankster or random calls that always disturb you. You can always restrict your calls from telemarketers, teleambulsers and others that you think may not be of any use to you. The three dots symbol in the top right corner of your screen helps you to distinguish between private and unlisted numbers.

FMWhatsApp For Android | Free Download Apk

The fifth and final feature is a very useful feature of fmwhatsapp apk. This is known as the “double ticks”. This allows you to mark important numbers and dates so that they are easily remembered. You can even set up alarms for particular dates so that you won’t miss any calls from important persons. This mod further enhances the user experience and makes it much more enjoyable.

This anti-delete software has a lot of great features that enhance its performance and usefulness. From its single message function, which lets you send one message and hide the rest, its date/time filtering, its block list and many other functions, it performs better than any other similar products. And all these are provided for free. So if you wish to protect your mobile phone, get fmwhatsapp apk now. You won’t be sorry!

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