How to Know Who Viewed My Whatsapp Profile

How to Know Who Viewed My Whatsapp Profile

With the rapid growth of mobile communication, many online social networking websites like, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and others are coming out with the feature of receiving and sending MMS or Multimedia Message to the mobile phone user from any PC or laptop.

It is a new way of interacting with friends, family and strangers alike, even while on the move. But how to know who has viewed my whatsapp profile? This is a common question among all cell phone users.

You can’t do it manually by copying and pasting the url of your profile into these sites, can you? No. The best and easiest way of finding out who has viewed your profile is by using a third party application for iOS/tvOS devices which is called “Whatsapp Spy”.

It is an internet tracking application, which is considered as one of the best internet monitoring tools. It will show you complete details of who has viewed and message was sent from your cellphone.

How to Know Who Viewed My Whatsapp Profile

Let’s start with the usage of this trick. First of all, you need to download “Whatsapp Spy” from the iTunes store. If you don’t have it, just search for it in Google and you will find it.

Once downloaded, you have two options; one to use the application on your cellphone or iPhone and another to download it on PC for further use. You can also change your settings from your cellphone so that it shows the complete status of your messages.

Secondly, the usage of this trick is useful for you if you are really concerned about your loved ones. For example, you have children who use mobile apps.

These apps are not only excellent source of entertainment but also a wonderful way to stay connected with your relatives. But what if someone is ignoring your teenage son on Facebook, and suddenly starts following him? Then, this is the right time for you to know the fact about his latest activities through his cellphone.

By looking at his latest status messages, you will get to know what he is doing. So, this method will help you maintain complete control over your family. In other words, you can know exactly who your child is chatting with through his cellphone.

Just copy the link of the latest conversation and paste it on “Whatsapp Spy” to view complete details. Then just tap on the “Report” option to send an email to his new contact.

How to Know Who Viewed My Whatsapp Profile

And the last thing you should know is that “Whatsapp Spy” offers a free two-week trial period. It will let you know exactly what you need to know. As soon as the two weeks are up, you will be provided with a full functional version of the app.

You will be able to track all activity made through your cellphone via this app. You will also be able to recover deleted messages and contacts from this app.

The interface of “Whatsapp Spy” is very easy to use and is designed in such a way that it can easily be used by any android user. You don’t have to understand a lot of technical stuff to run this app.

All you have to do is to put the cell phone on and then run the scan button. A list of all contacts will be displayed in front of you. You will be able to see all the names, addresses, emails, photos, videos and all.

How to Know Who Viewed My Whatsapp Profile

Stalking is never funny. Now you have a clear idea about how to find out who has viewed my whatsapp profile, you should always adopt a different approach when dealing with the person who is stalking you.

The best solution to end this problem is stopping the stalker all together. You can do that by installing this android app.


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