Pando Browser – Superfast IPFS Browser For Android

Pando Browser – Superfast IPFS Browser For Android

Welcome to the Pando ecosystem.

Use Pando browser to protect your privacy and enjoy faster networking. Stay tuned for more updates.

1. No Ad

2. IPFS integration

3. Withdrawal award

4. Quick view

5. Pando beta mining has ended and official mining has started

Simplify your mobile life Let him do all the work until it is not needed.

This is a free mobile web browser that puts the powerful functions of an open network in your hands.

Fast-access, browse and search the web at an amazing speed

Smart-Put your favorite websites and videos at your fingertips through smart search and desktop and mobile synchronization

Pando Browser – Superfast IPFS Browser For Android

Security-Ensure your Android web browser is safe and private through security settings, additional components and “Do Not Track” functions

– You have a simple, clean and easy-to-use user interface
– Quick start, fast loading and page browsing
– Zum Pinch multi-touch
– Support full screen menu option
– Easy to add bookmarks
– Can hide zoom/zoom button in settings
– Download manager support
– New homepage

For more powerful features, please download and try!

This is a web browser suitable for fast network connections (such as Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G) It is designed to make your Android device more efficient and easier to connect to the network!

This is the best browser for you to browse the Internet safely This is a fast, high-quality and professional browser.

Now you can use the smart mobile browser Designed specifically for tablets and mobile phones, it provides an incredible network experience.

Pando Browser – Superfast IPFS Browser For Android

Are you tired of all the ads on the website?

Then this is the right application for you Because you can now block unwanted ads

Fast speed: small size and fast loading speed, smooth browsing experience.

Privacy: Easily delete your history. Enabling incognito mode will leave no trace Private video download space can protect your privacy.

Browser is a free small web browser for Android devices, fast and personal browsing and data saving.

This can help you quickly and easily access news, videos, H5 games and popular websites. In addition, Dragon Browser has a personal guide that can help you pretend to be anywhere on the Internet without leaving a trace. Lightweight mobile browser can provide you with fast browsing speed.

New Feature:

– The history list helps remember. Both can save you the time to find your favorite website while browsing.

Pando Browser – Superfast IPFS Browser For Android

Add to shortcut
– Add your favorite websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia, etc. for quick access.

Speed Dial
– Recommended shortcut website. You can customize the list to your liking.

Search engine
– Change the search engine according to your preferences We support Google, Yahoo, Ask, Yandex, AOL, Baidu, DuckDuckGo and Bing.

Multi-tag manager
– Easily convert pages from multiple websites Use the multi-tab manager to make your browsing smoother.

Pando Browser – Superfast IPFS Browser For Android

Incognito mode
– Incognito mode makes your browsing completely private, without keeping any history, cookies, cache, etc.


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