Wa Monitor For Android – APK Download

Wa Monitor For Android – APK Download

WhatsApp Monitor is a new program that allows you to keep track of the conversations that are taking place on your Facebook account. The main focus of the program is to allow you to see who is sending you messages and who they are from.

If you are suspicious of the motives of your partner then this is a great way to catch them out. The program works in conjunction with the chat history of the person you are tracking.

WhatsApp Monitor

The reason why this software works so well is because it uses the API of the messenger service to track the people you are tracking.

Wa Monitor For Android – APK Download

This means that any messages that are sent or received from this person will show up in the program. It will also show up in their chat logs. If you are brave enough to log into your account then you will even be able to view the images and videos that this person is sending.

This means that you can easily catch a cheating spouse if you suspect they are sending images or videos to someone else.

The program works in an extremely simple manner. All you need to do is login to the Facebook account that you are wanting to monitor.

Once you have logged in you will be greeted by an icon labelled “WhatsApp”. This will be followed by a box, from here you will be able to select the icon so that you are able to start the monitoring process.

Once you have chosen to monitor this person’s actions on the internet it is a very simple process. When you click the icon you will be taken to the profile section.

Wa Monitor For Android – APK Download

This is where you will be able to see all the information that you will need. You will be able to see which of your Facebook friends has been chatting with this person.

You will also see who their contacts are and how many times they have been online at one time.

The next step is that you will need to click on the messages tab. Underneath the words” Messenger”, you will see a section that says “messengers”. This section will display all the messages that have been sent to this person’s account.

If you hover your mouse over any particular message you will be taken to the person’s profile so that you can read all of the messages that have been sent to this person.

Whenever you are browsing through a persons profile you will notice that there is a link that leads to a newsfeed.

Clicking on the news feed will give you access to all of the latest posts which have been made to this persons account.

Wa Monitor For Android – APK Download

This is a very quick and easy way of checking up on what has been happening online. It will also allow you to see all the comments that were made by other members of the social network.

The final stage of the WhatsApp Monitor software is the ability to export the information that you have gathered into files. To do this simply click on the files tab and then click on the option “exporting data to Excel”.

Once you have chosen this option you will be taken to a page where you can click on the option” send the file to”, this will send the information from the person’s account to an offline Excel document. This is one of the most useful capabilities of the software, allowing you to log into a persons account with the simple click of a button.

It is easy to see that the functionality of the WhatsApp Monitor software is excellent. It is capable of scanning through numerous different channels and taking full advantage of them.

Not only can it log what has been said on the account, but it can also export all of the data to a CSV file. This will allow you to either open it up in a spreadsheet or just use it as a reference.


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